Chakra Test

Our Chakras govern our Physical, Emotional, Mental, and Spiritual Health.  That is why discovering the Health of your Chakras can help you identify areas that need to be worked on.

The Chakra Test consists of 28 statements. You will answer “Yes” or “No” to these statements with your first response. To get correct results to this test you do need to go with what came to your mind first, “Yes” or “No”.

The Chakra Test results will show which of your Chakras are low with recommended products to help get your low energy moving. You can stimulate you Chakra Energy with Colors, Foods and Scents.

With the purchase of the test, you also have access to download a Complete Chakra Breakdown guide, a Chakra Foods document and a Chakra Mantra/Meditation card.

In the Chakra Breakdown you will see the name of the Chakra, the Color, the location and body parts that are connected to that Chakra.You will also see dysfunctions you could have when your energy is low. The Chakra Food document will give you some foods you could/should eat to keep you Chakra Energy Healthy. Finally you get to print out your Chakra Mantra/ Meditation Card which helps bring all your Chakra Energy back in place.

All of this for only $8.!

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