Root Chakra

Chakra ChartYour 1st Chakra (energy point) is your Root Chakra. This energy color is Red and is located at the tip of your spine. This Chakra gives you strength in your lower back, legs and feet. The Root Chakra provides support for your physical existence. Like a Tree, we need Strong Roots. Our Balance, Our Strength, Our Security all come from our Root Chakra. When we feel Unbalanced, Insecure, Unstable, this could be because you Root Chakra Energy is not working right. When you have pain in the lower part of your body, this could also be because your Root Energy is not moving smoothly. How do we fix these problems? You can start by bringing the color Red into your life. Color is a Vibration and Vibration is Energy. By having more of the color Red in your life, you are giving yourself more Root Chakra Energy. We all can keep our bodies energy balanced with an Open Mind and a Desire to do so. Bring Color into your life! Having more Red around you will Increase you Root Chakra Energy which will help you feel Balanced, Stable and Secure.

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