Monthly Archives: May 2017

New Pieces

You are now able to purchase Beautiful Pieces of Handcrafted Ceramic on the Spiritual Twist Website. These ceramic pieces are made with Special Spiritual Symbols on each one. The Elephant deals with Strength, Honor, Stability and Tenacity, among other attributes. The Dragonfly in almost every part of the world symbolizes Change and the Understanding of the Deeper […]

Spiritual Art

Spiritual- relating to the spirit or soul, as distinguished from the physical nature Art- the conscious use of skill and creative imagination especially in the production of aesthetic objects Conscious-Yes Spirit/Soul-Yes Creative Imagination-Yes That is what Spiritual Twist is doing… Creating Spiritual Art. Everything made and sold by Spiritual Twist is Unique and One of a Kind. We […]

Colorful Chakra Clips

Color is Vibration and Vibration is Energy Bring some Color into your Life by adding a Colorful Chakra Clip to your wardrobe! You can clip it in your hair, clip on your scarf or blouse or clip it anywhere you need too add some Color and Positive Energy. We are Affected by each Color’s Vibration Frequency. […]

Evil Eye

The Evil Eye dates back about 3000 years to Ancient Greece and Rome. it is one of the Strongest Symbolic Images in the world. The Evil Eye has symbolism in almost every country and in every religion, such as Judaism, Islam, Hindu, Buddhism and Christianty. Wearing the Evil Eye is Believed to Provide Protection Against […]