Aroma Chakra Clips

Color, Symbol, Scent

Spiritual Twist is Very Excited about these New Handmade Items we are Going to Sell 🙂

These are Chakra Colored Flower Clips, Red for Root, Orange for Sacral, Yellow for Solar Plexus, Green for Heart, Light Blue for Throat, Dark Blue for Third Eye and Purple for Crown. In the center of each Chakra Colored Flower Clip is a Hand Designed piece of Terra-cotta and on this Hand Designed piece of Terra-cotta is a Hand Drawn Chakra Symbol for each Chakra.  These Terra-cotta centers have been Scented with a mix of Intuitively Chosen Essential Oils that will Help Strengthen and Balance Each of Your Chakra Energies.

Wear these Clips in Your Hair, Clip them on Your Clothes, Attach them to Something to Brighten up a Space and add a Beautiful Aroma.

With each Aroma Chakra Clip purchase you will receive 1 dram of the Essential Oil Mix to refresh Flower when needed and a Chakra Meditation Card.

Great Gift Idea

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