“How are we supposed to get back to the Truck?” PCT/ Day 1

We are out the door by 5:45 am on Monday January 7th 2019. The four of us, Steve, Nancy, my Husband and I are headed to Campo, Ca. A small town on the Mexican Border. That is where we will find the Southern Terminus. The starting  point of the PCT, Pacific Crest Trail.

The plan is to leave early, miss the morning traffic and stop for breakfast in Escondido. We get to Escondido no problem.  Eat a good breakfast at a Cute restaurant. When we are finished we get  back on the freeway and head South.

As we get closer to our destination, our first stop is at the Lake Morena Campground. Mark and I find a Campsite and Steve and Nancy check into their Cabin. Its around 10 am. We want to get this hike started. Get back in our cars and  we are headed to The Border Patrol in Campo. We want to make sure there will be no problem leaving one of our cars at the border. The plan is to have one car at the start of the hike and the other car at the end of the hike.

Once we are at the Border Patrol and find someone to ask, they say “Go ahead and park anywhere”. Ok!  Now we can find the road that is close the end of Section One on the Trail and the start of Section Two.  We will leave our car at this location and take Steve and Nancys SUV to the start.

It is a Beautiful Day and the weather is Perfect. We get to the start of the Trail. There is a Monument giving information about the PCT and a Sign in Book . We all sign in, take pictures and start on the Trail. The First Section of the PCT is 2.3 miles. This will be easy.

As we hike there is talking and  planning for our next two days. Before you know it we are almost done with this Section of the hike. Time flies when your having Fun. The dirt path comes to a paved road. Once we have crossed the road we are not that far from the road that our car is parked on.

We get to the road the car is parked on and my Husband stops. He says ” How are we going to get back to the Truck?” What? What are you saying? ” How are we going to get back to the Truck?” I said “Don’t you have the keys to the car?” No, he says he doesn’t have the keys. He left them in the SUV.  So that means we have to hike back to the SUV! I did use a curse word or two. Luckily he forgot the keys on our 2.3 hike day and not our 13 mile hike day!

When we get back to the SUV, it’s  no big deal. We open all the doors and load the vehicle with what we were hiking with. Now we can head back down to pick up the other car. As we are driving down the dirt road the truck really smells of strong exhaust. Turn the fans on. Still smells. Open the windows. Still smells. Mark turns his head to look out the back of the SUV, he realizes that we have been driving with the trunk open for quite a ways! OMG…. So we stop and close the trunk.Then we turn the SUV around and drive back to the start of the hike. Just to make sure nothing fell out of the back.

We are Laughing as we head back to the Campground!

I Hope we can Make It Through the next Two Days…


B  L  O  G

Be Love Our Goal

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