Chakra Test

Spiritual Twist has a Chakra Test you can take online🌀
Very Easy to Read and Understand. You will answer Yes or No to 28 statements. When you are done you will be shown what Your Chakra Energy looks like. You then will be able to download a Complete Chakra Breakdown, a list of Foods that will Help each Chakra and a Chakra Meditation Card 
All of this for Only $8 😃

Here are a few reviews…….

“Yesterday my friend and I were having lunch when I shared my love for Dawn and Spiritual Twist. I pulled up the website and the first thing my friend saw was the 2019 Chakra test, right then both of us committed to completing the test that evening. I’m so glad we did, it was a great opportunity to check in with myself and the Energy information that’s was shared after the test was so interesting and valuable. I learned  that certain foods can effect my chakras and which chakras represent my organs and even illnesses. This morning my friend and I spoke and she too throughly enjoyed the process!  I highly recommend you check in with your own chakra energy!  Thank you Dawn!!”

“I am a Believer!  While visiting with a friend she told me she felt my Throat Chakra was low. While I believed her and she gave me suggestions to get my energy moving I decided to take the Chakra Test on  After answering yes or no to the 28 statements I was given the results of each Chakra.  My Throat, the 5th Chakra was very low.  Not only did I get my results but I received a list of Which Foods, Colors and Scents I needed to ramp up on to get that energy flowing.  I believe that even the smallest change to your Daily habits will make a Huge Difference!  Definately go check out the Chakra Test on Spiritual Twist.. you wont be sorry!!!!”

” I thought I would give the Chakra Test a try! It was Super Easy to do and I am happy to know where my energy is off balance. With the information I got to download I will be able to work on my Chakras and maybe take another test in a couple of months to see how I am doing.”

I have given this Test in person for years and when the person taking the Test finds out they are Low in a certain Chakra they usually tell me they have a Physical, Emotional or Mental Problem in the Area. 
It’s always nice to find out New Information about yourself and how to Naturally fix any problems you may be having. Take a Test… It can only Help You🙂🙏

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