Taking A Break

Are you old enough to remember when you didn’t have a computer? What about the days when we didn’t have cell phones? Writing letters and sending pictures to your friends or family members that lived far away.Yes, I remember those days. How times have changed.

I actually didn’t get on the internet until I was in my mid thirties and my then boyfriend-now husband gave me my first cell around the same time. Getting online was fun but I didn’t do it all the time and my cell phone I feel like I didn’t pay attention to for a number of years.

Things are different now. I am online using Social Media Everyday! Multiple times a day! Its crazy! I have this business Spiritual Twist, so I do a lot picturing taking,posts and promoting on Facebook and Instagram.Social Media has helped me build my business and I am Grateful. But right now I feel too wrapped up in it…. I would be looking at my phone toooooo much I am taking a break. It has been 16 hours since I have gone on Facebook or Instagram. Does this sound crazy to you? It sounds crazy to me but it is real.Let me see how not being on Social Media for a week feels.Have I built my business up enough to where I don’t have to post all the time what I am making and what markets I will be at? I hope so. Maybe not being online all the time will make Spiritual Twist a little Mysterious. We will see………




Be Love Our Goal



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