Why Bother?

One morning, this week I was on my way to a Farmers Market. As I turned onto the freeway entrance I saw a truck off to the left hand side of the road. It looked like they were moving forward, ready to get back on the freeway entrance. I slowed down to let them merge. They sped up to get back on the road and while still in the dirt they did a few Fishtails to create a lot of dust and throw up a few little stones that hit my van. As they got on the freeway my first thought was “Jerks, I am going to catch up to them and flip them off!” I felt I was doing something nice , but then they did that to me! Then I thought “No, I will catch up to them and give them the OK sign. ” Like Good Job Jerks! Then I thought ” No, I don’t need to catch up to them at all. ” Whats the point? Why Bother? Nobody was hurt, nothing got wrecked and I have no idea who is in that truck or why they did it.

So I continue driving on the freeway, letting go of that situation which was really nothing and I notice I am actually catching up with them. Not on purpose thats for sure. As I get closer to the truck I see its crashed up on one side and the bumper is taped closed.  From what I have seen this morning maybe the driver is a little reckless. As I pass them I do not even look over. I continue down the road with a smile on my face. I get to my destination in one piece.

What it is the moral of this story? Well, we all, (me included) have to work on calming down, cooling our jets. By cooling my jets and acting instead of reacting I didn’t create a bigger issue on a busy freeway. Sometimes things aren’t as big as we make them.

I thought I would share this story, I like how it turned out. You and I can always talk ourselves through something. We want to Walk Our Talk. If I say “I am Peaceful” I better be.

Love and Light to All

And if ever anyone wants to share a story with me about your Spiritual Growth, I think you can do that here.

B  L  O  G

Be Love Our Goal

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