Handmade Dragonflies Now Available on Spiritualtwist.net

The dragonfly symbolizes wisdom, change, transformation, light and adaptability in life.The dragonfly shows up in people’s lives to remind them that they need to bring a lightness and a joy to their life.

The dragonfly is also a symbol of the “realm of emotions” from joy and happiness to melancholy, sadness, anger, jealousy and all of the other emotions. The dragonfly is considered the symbol of transformation because of the way that it grows. Dragonflies are born in the water and begin to grow there, but then they move into the air and learn to fly. Dragonflies also have incredible flight patterns and are able to change their direction of flight quickly without much effort. They look effortless as they glide and fly through the air. This is meant to inspire and motivate people to be flexible and adaptable in the situations that they come across in life.

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