Water Is Life

On Monday June 10th I hiked 14.2 miles. It took 10 hours to hike that distance.
Most of the hike the temperature was between 85-105 degrees. By the time we had hit hour 9 of hiking it was just Mark and I and it was over 100 degrees. We had made it to the road.. I needed a drink of water. As I took a drink out of one of our bottles, Mark said that was all the water we had remaining…. there was only like 2 swallows left. Oh no. That is when I believe I started panicking. The PCT sign said there was a water cache in less then a mile. We continued hiking the PCT along a road in what felt like the middle of no where. A car would go by every once in a while.When the car would go by I thought do I jump this barbwire fence and stop the car and tell them we need water? No, no, we can make it to the water cache… but would there be water there? On the PCT in the past I have hiked by a place  that was supposed to be a water cache and there was no water there. What if there was no water there and what if we weren’t walking in the same direction that the car was parked?  I had thoughts that we were going to be on the news, 2 no 4 hikers with heat stroke and dehydration rescued from desert. No, no, it will be fine. Keep hiking. My swallows became more frequent and dry. I need a drink. So we stop under the small amount of shade from a bush. As I put the bottle to my mouth and drink its like I can’t even get the water in my mouth. The water is dribbling down my face… I am wasting water! Oh no….. We continue hiking and we see the bridge ahead, the water is supposed to be under the bridge. We get closer and cross the road. As we make our way down to the dry creek we see black tubs under the bridge. When we walk up to the tubs I see the first one is empty. Oh No…. Then I see water bottles in the other tubs and I fall to the ground with fucking gratitude! The Trail Gods/Trolls were with us.


Be Love Our Goal

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