Shift Your Energy

“Maybe I will pull an Oracle Card.” I said this to myself as I was sitting at my booth at the Promenade Certified Farmers Market. At that moment the foot traffic at the Market seemed kinda slow. The deck I chose was Natures Whispers. I sat comfortably in one of my lime green directors chairs and started to shuffle the deck. What do I ask? Hmm, nothing came to mind. I would set the deck down when someone came in the booth. When they left pick the deck of cards up and continue to cut the deck. While cutting the deck I felt some good energy from a bottom card taken from the middle. I flipped it over… #19 Shift Your Energy

As I start reading the meaning of this card I look up and see two people in my booth. A male and a female. I step out of the chair and read out load the last line I had read to myself…. “Winds of change are blowing into your awareness.”The girl looks up at me. The wind was actually blowing at that time and I read that line again ” Winds of charge are blowing into your awareness.” I asked her “Does that mean something to you? Do you understand that?” She noded her head up and down like she was saying “yes”. The young man behind her also nodded his head in agreement.

I told the young lady that I believe I just pulled an Oracle Card for her. I told her what the card is titled “Shift Your Energy”…. asked her “is that something you are trying to do right now?” She said “yes”. The person she was with continued to shake his head up and down. My attention started to focus on her Third Eye.” Do you need to work on your Third Eye Energy?” she said “yes”. I was going to tell her to bring the color Dark Blue/ Indigo into her wardrobe. Then I looked at what she was wearing and she had on a pretty summer dress with lots of Dark Blue/ Indigo in it. Perfect! I asked her if she had Healing Stones/ Crystals? She said “yes”. I told her to go home and find one of her Dark Blue Stones ( maybe Sodalite or Lapis Lazuli). “Start working with a Dark Blue Stone” is what I told her. I recommended that she lay down and place the Stone on her forehead. See what happens, what comes to her.

After getting their names and giving them hugs the couple left my booth. I knew that Spiritual Connection was made for a reason. We are at times messengers. The Angels speak through us. Help Each Other….. Thats what we are here to do

There is Always a Spiritual Twist


Be Love Our Goal

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