Little Golden Girl Part 1

In the big pond there was a female duck that was ready to lay some eggs. The Papa duck found just the right place for mama to make a comfortable and safe nest. When it was time Mama duck laid her eggs. In total there were 7. They took turns laying on them to keep them warm. Finally they eggs were ready to hatch. Mama and Papa decided for the time being they would  called the duckling by the number they were hatched. Then when they had more time and knew a bit more about the ducklings personality they could give them their real names. The eggs broke open one at a time. All the babies looked happy and healthy. They were a mixture of boys and girls. Their colors were blended. Tan, with white and dark brown. They blended into nature very well. Until the last egg hatched. That duckling was a girl and she was bright yellow. #7 was a totally different color then her siblings.

To be continued…..

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