Little Golden Girl Part 2

Mama and Papa Duck now had 7 new family members. The Ducklings all seemed Happy and Healthy. The only problem was that the 7th duckling looked so different. Bright Yellow. All the parents could do is hope she would get lighter.

Soon after the Ducklings hatched Mama and Papa Duck started giving their babies names. Tanner, Greyson and Lucky were the boys. Ginger, Sandy and Gretchen for the girls. They just could not figure out a name they felt fit # 7.

The first week the Ducklings learned to walk. They were all fast learners. The second week they were introduced to the water. Swimming came naturally. Good sibling bonding was happening with all the Ducklings…all except #7. The other baby ducks could see how their brothers and sisters all looked the same but #7 was the odd one out. The ducklings would swim around the pond. It seemed they would always try to ditch #7. That was Ok. #7 would usually be making friends with all the Dragonflies that were flying around the edge of the pond. The Dragonflies were all different colors and that didnt seem to matter to them. They made #7 feel good. 

One afternoon #7 was so busy having fun with the Dragonflies that she lost track of time. She realized that the sun was setting. She looked  around and could not see her family anywhere. What would she do?  The frogs that had come out for the evening told #7 to stay in the water. She listened to them and knew she would find her family in the morning. Closing her eyes, she let sound of the Katydids in the trees put her to sleep.

to be cont…….


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