Little Golden Girl Part 3

As the Dawn was breaking over the horizon #7 was awoken by a turtle swimming under her webbed feet. As the duckling opened her eyes she looked around and saw nothing familiar. The trees and bushes she was so used to seeing at the edge of the pond looked different. She also could not see her family swimming anywhere. Had she drifted in the water during her sleep? A butterfly landed on her bill and spoke in what sounded like a whisper ” look over there” then she flew away. # 7 looked where the butterfly was flying and she could see a big clump of white in the water. As her morning eyes got clearer she saw that wasn’t a clump of white it was a number of large white birds floating in the water. She thought ” i will go over and see if they have seen my family”.

As she swam towards the white birds they swam towards her. The white bird in the lead said ” Hello Pretty Girl”. “We have been waiting for you to wake up”. #7 liked how they were being so kind. “What are you?” the duckling asks. ” Swans” they all say at the same time. This makes the yellow duckling laugh.  “We have been watching you since they day you were born”.”You are so Bright and Beautiful”. “All of us hoped to meet you one day”. The duckling started to blush. “We have seen how your family has treated you”. “Ditching you and not caring where you were”. “But we could  see you just keep a Happy attitude and continued on with your days”.  “You seem to be nice to All the creatures you meet at the pond and you are connected with nature”. “Yes” said #7, “I Am”.

“What is you name?”asks one of the Swans. “I don’t really have a name, they called me #7”. The Swans all looked at each other. One of them said “We will name you Little Golden Girl”. “That name fits you perfectly”.  “Thank you, I love it” says the duckling. The Swans told her she could stay with them from now on. They gathered around her. One at a time they swam past and touch their beak to hers. The Swans loved Little Golden Girl just the way she was.

The Duckling now knew what Happiness felt like. She would swim to the edge of the pond and the Swans would follow her. Little Golden Girl felt Loved and Protected. The Swans would encourage her to do new things and helped her learn from any mistakes she made. The biggest thing the Swans taught her was how to Love Herself.

Happy Endings Do Happen!


There may be times you are thought of as being different. You may not feel loved or supported even by those who are closest to you.  Just remember there are people out there that see you… that support your ideas and adventures….. that love you……because they have learned to love themselves.



Be  Love  Our  Goal


6 thoughts on “Little Golden Girl Part 3

  1. Deborah says:

    Love the sweet ending to this story!!
    Being different is a good thing & Little Golden Girl is an inspiration to us all ❤️

  2. Crystal Lauren says:

    I had no idea you had started posting your duckling story! I had been on the lookout for it 🙂. Well I am caught up now and I love love love it all Dawn 💛. It is so so beautiful. ✨🌈

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