Coming Out of the Fog

She opened her eyes. It was still foggy. She had hoped that if she kept her eyes closed long enough and wished hard enough, that when she opened them she could see a little bit more light. But not this time. How long had it been this way? If she thought back she could see when the fog started to appear. All the things that she had gone through that kinda shadowed the light.She tried not to dwell on those times.

So she continued on with her daily life. She could usually get things done in the fog. It just took a bit longer. When she went out to go shopping or run errands she knew there were people around but they were hard to really see in the fog. She could hear them but everything was unclear. In her mind she thought that everything will be clear again, someday.

One day after taking her kids to school she needed to get something out of the trunk of her car. As she closed the trunk she was shocked to see an Owl sitting on the top of her car. The Owl told her it was OK. ” I am here to share some Wisdom with you.”  “As an Owl I live my life mostly in the dark.” “That is how it is meant to be.” “I am not a victim, nor an aggressor.” “I focus and pay attention.” “Stay still, have patience and everything comes to me just as I need it to.” “I am able to see the unseen and you can too.” “Young girl you should not be in the fog.” “You are not a victim or an aggressor.” ” You can be still, pay attention, open your eyes fully and be conscious.” “Focus on what you desire and it will come to you.”

When she blinked her eyes the Owl was gone. Did that really happen… she asked herself? She thought about all the words of Wisdom she had heard. She could be still, maybe meditate. And no she wasn’t a victim. She was a strong women and knew she would make it out of the fog.

She continued on in the fog. Later in the day as she was taking out the trash. She saw a figure by the dumpster. When she got closer she saw it was a Coyote. “Hello” said the Coyote. “I am here to tell you some things.” The girl stopped in her tracks and said “Ok.” “I am a searcher” the coyote said. “I search for water, search for food, search for shade and search for shelter.” “With patience and hard work I do always find what I need, when I need it.”  “I see that you are searching.” “Looking for help and searching for a way to get out of this fog.” “With patience and hard work you will find what you are looking for.”  “Just keep going and don’t give up.” And with a Howl the Coyote ran off.

Wow! The girl was kinda in shock but felt really good. Natures Creatures were giving her useful information. She definitely was going to be doing some changing. Meditate, Be Patient, Keep Searching, Work Hard. She could do all these things.

As she was walking up the steps to her home she felt like the fog had lifted a bit. She could see a little better. When she got to her front door she could see a big spiders web in front of one of her windows. She hadn’t seen that earlier. As she looked closer she could see the spider in the center of the web. “I wondered if you could see me” said the spider. Oh my gosh, the girl thought in her head. This is too much. “Please come closer” the Spider said. “I too have something to tell you.” The girl stepped closer. “This is just about the web you are building for your family.” “I wanted to tell you that you are doing a great job.” The spider told her that even though she has been in the fog, she is still making a strong web/home for her family.  And that with the useful information the Owl and the Coyote gave her, the web will get even stronger.

“Thank you” said the girl. A huge smile was on her face. This has been pretty amazing day. She decided to go for a walk before she went to get the kids. Maybe she would see the owl or the coyote. As she was walking she did see that the fog was lifting. It was clearing up. She could see people walking on the path too. They would smile at her as they went bye and even say “Hello.” She felt Fully Conscious of all that was around her. She felt free… She could see now. She could see what she needed to do to heal herself and stay out of the fog.


Thank you to the Owl, the Coyote and the Spider.

Pay attention to all that is around you….… messages come from everywhere


B  L  O  G

Be  Love  Our  Goal




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