Let Me BUG You


There is So Much Meaning behind Bees and Ladybugs

Bees buzz in our consciousness when we need reminding of organization, teamwork and our ability to accomplish a ton of work – even if we feel small or ineffective.

This Bee made out of Young Amber will  Naturally Purify. Amber has the ability to draw pain and dis-ease from the physical body, as well as the Mind and Spirit. It absorbs negative or stagnant energies and transforming them into Clear, Positive Energy.

Ladybug Luck

A Ladybug is believed to be an embodiment of Lady Luck, bringing Good Fortune and Prosperity along with it. As the insect leads a Vibrant and Colorful Life, it Influences You to Experience the Joys of Living to the Fullest.

When you purchase one of the Handmade Bugs you will receive a Metal Hanger to place in a Pot or a Twisted Wire Hanger.




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