Hiking with Aunt Flo

Most of us Females have an Aunt Flo. We usually meet her in our early teens. She is Kinda Depressing and Definitely a Pain. She comes once a month and our Mom tells us ” You  just need to learn how to deal with her”.

During our life we really get to know Aunt Flo. In the beginning she would show up sometimes unexpectedly and that would really suck! But as we get older we realize she usually shows up at the same time each month. So we learn to plan things around her. When she is visiting we usually have to stay kinda close to home.

The past year and a half I have been hiking the California portion of the Pacific Crest Trail. I hike with 3 other people. My Husband, his Cousin and his Cousins Wife. We hike sections of the trail and usually do that once a month. A few times last year when we were scheduling our hikes I would forget to plan around Aunt Flo’s visit.  That meant that there would be times that she would be hiking with us. I stay positive about most everything and I would convince myself that everything will be ok when I am hiking with Aunt Flo.

Like I said before, Aunt Flo is Depressing and a Pain. I seem to get Moody when Aunt Flo is around. I have to carry more stuff in my backpack for Aunt Flo and she seems to hold me back when we are hiking. We always need to make  stops with Aunt Flo. One time we were stopped just for her and I thought we were far enough off trail but we weren’t! I will just say that 2 hikers walked up…… and I was pretty embarrassed. I think that was the time I said ” I will Never hike with Aunt Flo Again!!!!!”

This year we took a break from hiking for a couple of months. When we finally got back on the trail we did 2 days and hiked about 21 miles. They were great hikes. Both pretty easy to do. We wanted to see if we could get some more miles in before May was over and my Husband had to go back to work. But that would mean we were going to hike the last week of the month and thats when Aunt Flo shows up. Like I said I try my hardest to stay Positive….. Ok, we will hike when Aunt Flo is here.

I hiked over 15 miles with Aunt Flo on May 29th. What a Fucking Pain she was! Slowed me down. Made me Cranky. We had to make many stops and go Wayyyyyy off trail because of that incident that I spoke of earlier. When we made it to the end of the hike I was done! I never want to hike with Aunt Flo again….

Aunt Flo is a Fictional Character but we all know her so well. Both Women and Men have to deal with her. It’s hard to Love or even Like Aunt Flo but she is one thing that makes us women So Strong. What we do when Aunt Flo is around is Amazing!

I wrote this little Story/Blog because as I was Hiking with Aunt Flo it just seems so Funny , Painful but Funny…  And I thought I would Share. The things we go through in Life. I am sure a lot of you women reading this has an Aunt Flo story they could Share. If you want to Share it here you can.

Thanks for Reading and Stay Cool!


B  L  O  G

Be Love Our Goal



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