Still Making Masks

I feel like this is what I should be doing at this time in My Life…….. Making Masks

Things just easily Fall Together when it is meant to be. That is what I Believe!

I have a Sewing Machine that I had not used in years. In the past I have learned some Basic Sewing Techniques. I ¬†also had a box full of fabric that I had been hanging on too for some apparent reason. I now know it was for Masks… ¬† You Tube was where I watched a video over and over to learn how to make the first Mask. The first one was for my Husband. LA Rams colors, Yellow and Royal Blue. And since then I have made over 300 Masks. It has been a very Fulfilling experience. I am learning a lot as I sew. I think about my Grandmother who used to sew me cool outfits when I was a teenager. And there have been Five Fabric Angels who have given me their extra fabric and thread. I am improving the fit as I go. Trying to make them Fit Well and still Look Good. I am an Artist and Sewing is my Medium right now.

Some people want to wear Masks, some don’t. I choose to wear a Mask when I am out around a lot of people. Thats just me. Something is happening in the World/Universe right now and I am just Going with the Flow. If you choose not to wear a Mask that is your choice. Go for it… I can’t make you. But I can still keep Making Masks for the people who are Choosing to wear them.

My Husband Chooses to wear a Mask, my Parents Choose to wear a Mask, my Family that I know of Chooses to wear Masks and Many of my Friends Choose to wear Masks….

Better go Make Some Masks





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