Tomorrow 9/4 I will be 26 years sober.

SOBER! That is half of my life. I am proud of myself.

I can’t drink. Its been so long, maybe I can control it. No way, why take a chance. I can tell i am obsessive compulsive by the way i do my art. Sometimes i just cant stop making things. When i did drink i just couldnt stop. I didn’t know how to stop. Why would I want to stop? I wasn’t happy and I had no idea who i was.

Today I know myself. Today I Love Myself.

Changing your life takes work….A LOT OF WORK! I am glad i did the work.

The best view is after the hardest climb. The view is beautiful from up here.

If i can do it you can do it. When i didn’t believe in myself someone believed in me until it clicked.




Be Love Our Goal

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