Gnomes/Stuffed Beings

I have an Imagination! It is Colorful and Alive.

Making these Gnomes and Stuffed Beings has become one of my Favorite things to do. Picking the fabric, sewing it up, stuffing it, glueing it. Making the Hat, the Hair, the Beard, the Nose, the Eyes….. Giving it a Personality. The story in my head. Who is this? What is their purpose?

To bring a smile to someones face. To make a person chuckle when they read the Stuffed Beings short story.

They all have names. Warren the Wizard, Jasmine Tea Leaf, Billy Oscar, Shelby, Sam, Russ, Rosco and Bowie. And they all have a little story.

Take a look and see if any of these Beings Speaks to Your Soul


Be Love Our Goal


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