Just do it. Write something. Anything, just write. Years ago I  went to school to learn how to write. “Write about what?”  you ask. My photography. At that time i was really into taking pictures. I loved taking pictures of telephone poles. That sounds weird i am sure but i just though they looked so cool. I had plans to have a book with different pictures of telephone poles and some writing about something. Right now I cant really remember what i was going to write about in that book but I do know i wanted to write something. I also have a plan to one day write my life story. The title of that book will be ” A walk through my garden”. Yes!  Still planning that one. That book will happen if I make it happen. Its all up to me.

At this time in my life I do write in a journal almost every day. I have done that for years. Its a great way to release. Put things on paper, let it go. Writing Good things or Bad things, I personally think its beneficial to keep a journal. I also am writing little stories about the Gnomes and Stuffed Beings that I am making.  MANY people  have told me that I should write children’s books because my stories are so creative. Thats a thought, write a little story for kids. Like i said earlier, It will happen if I make it happen.

New things are scary. Its easy to Dream and sometimes Hard to do. Writing a book is a Dream that feels Scary. So I will get on my website and write a BLOG  about writing instead.

Hope whoever reads this is having a good day.

Thank you for being a part of my journey.


Be Love Our Goal

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