Creating Characters In My Head

One of my Favorite things to make right now in my Creative Life is Gnomes and Stuffed Beings. I never know how they are going to turn out when I start. I choose the fabric for the body and the hat. Sew it and stuff it. When I am making the Hat which I think is the hardest part, that is when the character really develops. Before I put the hat on the body I have to figure out if this character is a male or a female. Do they get a beard or hair? Once I put the hair or beard on then I seat the hat and put the nose on. Thats when the name usually comes to me. A few of the Gnomes and Stuffed Beings I put online today are a Magician, a Bartender and a D&D player. They all have names and brief stories. When you purchase on of the Characters you will get their little story sent to you. They are Fun to make and i Love how they make me use my Imagination 100%

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