January 31, 2023

The Sun was out and the chill in the air was slowly starting to disappear. I saw the bus pull up in front of the FarmersMarket.This happens almost every week. Kids/teenagers start to get off the bus along with the adult supervisors. Its like field trip day. These kids/teens have special needs.

Having fun, looking at different things that are being sold and asking questions. A group of kids came to my booth and asked me to ring the cylinder bell I have of sale. I said lets close our eyes and I will ring the bell and you can tell me how the sound of the bell made you feel. They all really got into that and most said it made them feel good. It was like meditating. As they continue on some other people from the bus came to my booth. They were looking around. A teen girl in a wheel chair, a teen boy that was pushing the wheel chair and their adult supervisor. After they looked at some bracelets they said goodbye and moved on.

Within a half an hour these three came back. The girl got out of the wheel chair and started looking closer at the stuff I have at my booth. She started touching the stuffed beings and gnomes that I am making.

“Do you like those?” I asked.  “Yes” she said. Then she asked me “Which one do I like?”. I grabbed one of the newer ones I had made for Valentine’s Day. I showed it to her and said ” I have these new Valentines ones, this is Polly” and I handed her the stuffed being. She asked if Polly was a girl. I said “yes.” She asked ” Can I read to Polly?”. “Of course! ” I said. She asked if Polly would like her?  I said “Polly was made just for you.”  She hugged Polly and smiled. After she paid for Polly she got back in her wheel chair and was pushed away. I was in Heaven, I felt like something special had just happened.

I looked over to where all the kids were gathering to wait for the bus. There must have been some music playing and I saw the kids were dancing. I looked to see if I could find the girl I had just sold Polly to. Yes, I could see her, she was dancing and she was dancing with Polly. I cannot put into words the feelings I had in my heart. Happiness, joy, love, all of those and more. I watched her sit down holding Polly in her lap, she was smiling.  The bus arrived and they all got in line. They climbed in and went back to school.

That was Special. I will never forget that meeting.


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