Looking for Homes

One of my Favorite things to do is Create Stuffed Beings. The boys are Gnomes and the girls are Stuffed Beings. So I just call them all Stuffed Beings. As I am making them i will start  figuring out who they are and what their story is. They have been for sale on the website and i do take them to Farmers Markets with me. I make these Stuffed Beings so they can find Home and make people Happy. I do have a few that have been with me for a while and i would like them to go to a Fun Home so I am putting them ON SALE 🙂

50% off of these Stuffed Beings! What a Deal. Get One While You Can. This SALE will probably go on thru the weekend. If you want one and will pick it up at a Market this weekend just let me know.

And I cant forget.. with purchase you will also receive their name and story.

Looking forward to moving my Creations!

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