Rearview Mirror

Once Upon A Time, could have been 1985 or 1986.
Place Uptown Sedona – C Market
My Mom and I stopped there to get gas in her Tan Chevy Blazer. She went in the store to pay for the gas and she probably came out with a treat for me. Maybe Hubba Bubba Gum or a piece of Beef Jerky. As she pumped the gas i grabbed the rear view mirror and moved it more towards my direction. Maybe checking out my Pink Lipstick or Blue Eyeliner. When my Mom got in the Blazer we probably started talking about something and she put the blazer in reverse, looked in the rearview mirror and as she was backing up she hit a pole. Oh no! That happened because i was looking in the rear view mirror and i didn’t move it back.
From what i remember we looked at each other and started CRACKING UP!
After laughing for a bit she got out to see the damage and the metal bumper had a dent in it. Nothing too major.
That is just one of the many times that my Mom and I have laughed hysterically together. I am so lucky that my Mother is my Friend.
Today is my Moms Birthday and I wanted to share a story about her, about us.
Even though we are miles away we are one.

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